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Bark Blowing

Bark Blowing

Industry leaders for over 30 years

Why Bark Blowing?

Your yard will look amazing with no shovels, wheelbarrows or rakes! When you need reliable installation of our bark products, call on Bark Blowers Inc. to provide professional, friendly service to get the job done right. We provide expert service at affordable prices and in a very timely manner.

Bark Blowing Explained!

Bark blowing is a method of applying mulch with a hose directly into the areas you need to cover.  The hose itself is about 6 inches in diameter and is attached to a truck with a blowing system on it.  Our trucks carry between 3 and 6 units of product at a time.  The products that we can blow in are barkdust, wood chips, and soil (when very dry).  We carry 150 feet of hose on our trucks but can bring up to 300 feet if necessary.

Professional Service

As Portland's most trusted bark company, Bark Blowers Inc. was instrumental in creating the first mulch blowing system over 30 years years ago.


Bark blowing is a popular choice for areas that are difficult to access by wheelbarrow or simply for the convenience. The professional team at Bark Blowers is experienced in guiding you through the process and standing behind work that is expertly and diligently performed. We’re not satisfied until you are! Contact us for more details.

Book your installation!

We blow bark on both residential and commercial properties all year long. With Bark Blowers Inc. on board, your project will remain on target and within budget. We service the Portland Metro Area* and our rates are area specific. Please call for current prices and scheduling.





*We apologize that we do not service the State of Washington.


No more wheelbarrowing!

At Bark Blowers we do the work for you, so you can say goodbye to the wheelbarrow for the weekend. Not only do we install and clean up, we also provide you with a perfect uniform finish to your barkdust. It's an amazing look unachievable by hand spreading.

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