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Frequently Asked Questions

How much barkdust do I need?

Keep in mind that 1 unit will cover about 1100 square feet at 2” deep (photo is of 1 unit of medium dark hemlock).  2 inches is the recommended depth for areas that have a base of barkdust down.  If it is the first time you are putting bark down or it has been so long that you can see the roots of your trees and mostly bare dirt, then 3” is ideal to re-establish a base due to the uneven ground that is exposed.  1 unit will cover about 750 square feet at 3” deep. MULCH CALCULATOR

What is the difference between barkdust and mulch?

Mulch is a generic term that describes organic materials that are ground up and used as ground covering. Since both bark dust and mulch are used as a protective and decorative layer in landscape, they are both technically mulch. So, we will often ask you to clarify what it is you’re looking for.  Some people refer to mulch as recycled yard debris, which is blackish in color and finer than our barkdust. Ours bark mulch is made purely from natural bark of Fir and Hemlock trees. See our products page for more information.

Do you do estimates?  I don’t know how to figure out how much I need.

While we don't currently have an estimator on staff, it's fairly simple to do yourself! 
You just need a pad of paper, a pencil, and a calculator.
1. Walk around the perimeter of the area you want covered with barkdust
2. Make rectangular shapes for easiest calculations.
3. One step will equal about 3 feet
4. Multiply the length times the width of the area
5. Add up all the areas of your rectangles and you’ll have a grand total square footage
6. Divide this number by 1100 to find the total units (for 2” depth) or 750 (for 3” depth)
7. Call us!  503-620-5555

I’ve never had barkdust blown before.  What can I expect?

After you place your order, we’ll call you the day before to confirm that we’ll be there and give you an approximate time that you can expect us.  On the day, we will come to the property with your order and, if you want to be home, will let you know that we have arrived.  Crews are typically 2 people on one truck and they will blow the bark into the areas you have specified.  The more information you can give when placing the order, the better!  Bark blowing is loud and dirty, so we’ll remind you to shut your windows and doors and it would be wise to inform your neighbors to do the same.  It is also helpful to shut off any sprinkler systems the night before to ensure effective clean up.  After the bark has been applied, the crew will come back through with backpack blowers to blow any bark that has stuck to the side of the house or blown onto decks or sidewalks back into the proper places.  If you need more bark dust, our driver will call you to ask what you’d like to do.  If they arrive and think that you’ll need more bark dust before they begin the job, they will call you to ask what you’d like to do.  Sometimes we can blow it on thinner or skip certain areas that aren’t as noticeable.  You are only charged for as much bark as is used.  If you submitted a credit card when placing your order, it will not be run until after the job is finished.

Does your barkdust have weeds in it?

Because we haul and grind our own barkdust, we know that it is purely bark.  We do not add weed killer to the bark or treat it in any way.  It is a 100% organic product.  So if you want to prevent weeds from growing, it is wise to apply weed killer before laying the bark or put down landscaping cloth to suppress weed growth.

Is there anything I need to do after the barkdust is down?

Yes, in the dryer months we highly recommend watering your bark.  A good soak right after it has been laid is best to cool it off.  Barkdust is a composting product and it gets very hot.  In the summer months, if it is not watered it can singe the edges of your lawn, leaving a yellow ring around your yard.  This is not because there are chemicals in the bark, but simply because it is hot.

There are no prices on your website.  How much is 1 unit of barkdust?

The prices fluctuate seasonally and depending on how much bark you are ordering.  Please call us for current prices.  503-620-5555

Do carpenter ants live in barkdust?

No, but if you see ants in your newly laid bark, it is because your property already has carpenter ants.  These ants eat the white wood of trees, not the bark, but they will rest in barkdust because it is warm.  Barkdust does not attract ants.

How much can my vehicle carry?


1 – 1.5 yards of bark
1/2 yard of rock

1.5 – 2 yards
1/2 yard rock

1.2 – 2.5 yards
1 – 1.5 yards rock

Calculate your material (YARDS)

Disclaimer: This is for estimation purposes only.

Don't hesitate to add a little extra to your length and width given that natural surfaces are never exactly flat.

  • We recommend 2" depth for barkdust, mulch, and river rock.

  • We recommend 3-6" deep for play chips.

  • We recommend at least 12-18" deep for soil mix in raised beds. 

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