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Rock, Sand and Gravel Products

Drainage, driveways, & decoration

Please note that photos are for sizing reference. Rock is a natural product that varies in color.

Pea Gravel (small river rock)

1/4" – 3/8"  River Rock (Pea Gravel) is the smallest river rock that we carry.  

Application: pathways and decorative purposes.

Round Rock (medium river rock)

3/8″ – 3/4″ River Rock is a beautiful medium sized river rock.  

Application: decorative purposes and for drainage.

Drain Rock (large river rock)

Drain Rock varies in size from 1 to 2″.  

Application: drainage or decorative purposes.

2" - 6" River Rock

2″ – 6″ River Rock varies in size and color. Please note that this product cannot be delivered.  For pick up, it is best to put a piece of plywood or other material in the bed of the truck or trailer to protect surfaces.

Application: decorative

3/4" Minus Crushed Rock

3/4″ minus gravel is the most common gravel.  The largest pieces are approximately 3/4″ down to the dirt or dust (minus).  

Application: foundations, driveways, and pathways.

1/2" Clean Crushed Rock

1/2" clean crushed has been screened so that there are no pieces smaller than 1/2".

Application: driveways, pathways, and decorative purposes.

1/4" Clean Crushed Rock

1/4″ Clean crushed rock has been screened so that there is no "minus" or dust in this gravel. It is approximately 1/4" to 1/8".
Also called 1/4" - 10 Pathway  

Application: decorative purposes and walkways.

Garden Sand

Garden sand contains small and large particles as  improves soil drainage. This is critical for healthy plant growth.

Application: for drainage in gardens or soil

3/4" - 1/4" Crushed Rock

3/4″ - 1/4" clean gravel has been screened so that there is no "minus" or dust in it.  

Application: driveways, and pathways.

1/4" Minus Gravel

1/4″ Minus is 1/4″ in size down to the dirt or dust.

Application: Commonly used as filler for larger aggregate, empty space between two different sized aggregate, vehicle parking grade, icy surfaces and landscape surfaces.

Mason Sand


Mason Sand is a washed, multiple purpose sand that can be used for concrete.

Application: concrete, stucco and sand box.


Pumice provides aeration for the clay soil in the Willamette Valley.  It also retains water well, while allowing space for roots to grow.  It can also be used for decorative purposes.

Application: amending soil, decorative.

Golden Rock

Golden Rock is 1/2" crushed rhyolite from Central Oregon.  This is a softer rock with unique "sunny" colors.

Application: decorative

Gravel Road into the Forest

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